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Fuck Buddy Basics

What is a “fuck buddy”? Is it someone you have a casual relationship with, a one-night stand or boyfriend, or are they in a serious relationship without feelings? In today’s age of casual dating and local hookup apps, these are legitimate and important questions that require answers.

Fuck buddies are individuals with whom you share intimate activities, such as sleeping together, also known as fucking. Fuck buddies are not your boyfriend, girlfriend, sidekick, or casual boyfriend. A fuck buddy is a subset of casual relationships or casual sex in which both parties agree that the relationship is for them to have casual sex without any feelings, emotions, or repercussions.

A fuck buddy is someone you can trust to have sex whenever you need it. You can be friends with your fuck buddy, but that’s not necessary. Many successful fuck buddy relationships consist of individuals who are not friends, or even share significant similarities. Fuck buddies are discrete, caring, and enjoy discreet casual sex.

Find a Local Fuck Buddy

There are several easy ways to find fuckfriends near you. The days of sending dick photos via USPS or browsing Craigslist to find shady relationships have long since passed. Alternatively, you could opt for a quick massage at an Asian parlor. It’s not easy, friends. Finding local fuck buddies has never been easier in human history. We’ve seen a surge in casual hookups, both in civilised and non-civilised countries. These little computers are causing a huge explosion in casual sex and fuck friends, as well as an increase in STDs (yes, it is slightly alarming). For more information, click here.

It’s so simple to find casual sex locally with apps such as Tinder and Grindr (for gay guys) that many people can access them in under 15 minutes. These apps do not have the “sharing economy” or “ephemeral contents” ring, but they create a market for on-demand sex. Casual sex apps are the best way to find local sex buddies.

There are many ways to find casual encounters, sex without strings, and eventually a long-term fuckfriend. Getting the job done may take more effort without flirting or game skills. Going out to bars or clubs is a great way to meet new friends. However, this is not for everyone. As a moderately attractive man in a high-income category, I found it difficult to “pull” women out of the club for casual hookups. This was a bit of a shock to me, but what made it even more frustrating was the fact that complete losers were able to be extremely successful with women in bars and clubs.

After going through the four stages of grief due to my incompetence in bar and club dynamics, I started researching the fundamentals of a typical Pick-Up Artist (PPUA), including body language, tone, and approaches. I wanted to improve my chances of hooking up at bars and clubs. Learning their techniques was a good investment, even though it can be demoralizing to see RSD Tyler or Julien (the most hated men on Earth) getting more pussy than the LA Lakers.

Moral of the story: If you are already comfortable picking up women in bars, clubs, and other social settings, then I don’t know why you’re reading this. You can always work on picking up women (or men) if you have a problem. It’s a skill you can enhance. If you want to avoid the hassle of buying alcohol and schmoozing around with slam hogs or gutter sluts and instead find a fuck friend in a “streamlined manner,” download a casual hookup application and start your search for sex in peace and tranquility in your own home.

Use casual sex apps correctly.

Don’t panic, Frisky. Just downloading a fuckbuddy application is not going to guarantee more action. As with most things in life, you must put some effort into them. There are some guidelines, best practices, and rules of thumb that you should keep in mind when using casual sex apps.

#1. Profile photo

Yes, it is a beneficial idea to upload a profile photo of yourself. You should smile, but it is not essential. Please refrain from using a photo of your dick as your profile picture. Ladies and gentlemen, please show your profile photos to a friend for an objective opinion. Humans are imperfect. Humans tend to choose some of the most embarrassing photos because they think they look great. Ask your friends to look at your photos, and make sure they don’t use photos that you think look great but actually look like Mike Tyson.

#2. Don’t send a dick picture.

While I love a good dick picture, it must be done with class. It is not always straightforward, but it is the most effective method of transmitting a photograph of a sexy man. Second, you don’t have to include only your cock (no balls). You should also consider a different angle so that your dick looks like something from a deep-sea fish discovery channel. Don’t send your dick picture immediately, but make sure you have some class.

#3. Remember some people looking for casual sex?

You should treat casual dating apps like a sales funnel. Your profile will receive x number of hits. A percentage of those hits will convert into leads (in this case, members you interact with via the app), and then a percentage will become actual customers (aka fuck friends). Perhaps that analogy wasn’t the most effective way to convey the concept. It is important to remember that different people use casual dating apps for different reasons. While some people join Tinder to find friends and serious relationships, others may be looking for friendships or serious relationships. Consequently, it will be necessary to eliminate certain individuals in order to identify a suitable fuck buddy.

#4. Avoid engaging in inappropriate behavior on sexual dating apps.

Girls may tell you that you are creepy. Although it can be easy to be perceived as creepy, as I have personally experienced, it’s crucial to avoid being perceived as such. If you feel creepy, you most likely are. To get back to normal, you can watch a few hours of RSD videos to help you learn how to play.

#5. Safely meet a person you met online

It’s never been safer to meet strangers online than it is now, in a world where Elmo has been raping people. Your destination and activities should be shared with a friend. If you live in an area with higher crime rates, mace can be useful.

Most people, I believe, are fairly normal. However, things can quickly turn from being normal and enjoyable to dangerous and frightening. Be sure to let your family members and friends know that you’re leaving for a trip and when you will be returning. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

How to maintain friendships and cultivate relationships that are mutually beneficial

Now, you should be ready to begin using casual dating apps and engaging in bar games. Now that you’ve narrowed your search down to a few key leads, you can find a few potential hookups. There are some crucial steps that you should take to ensure that any relationship you form from casual sex or even a one-night affair stays in the “fuck buddies” zone. You don’t want to end up in a serious relationship when you are looking for local fuck friends.

The first rule that you must always follow to ensure a successful fuck buddy relationship is to avoid framing the relationship as “going somewhere” or in any light that reflects that you and your partner will become “boyfriend-girlfriend” (aka serious relationship status).

Romance should be casual, not serious.

Surprisingly, either man or woman can want things to get more serious. However, it is important to acknowledge any desire to make the relationship serious. A lazy woman (or man) will ignore the topic in an attempt to shut down discussions about becoming serious. You can simply shift the topic as you see fit and call it quits. You will need to address the problem directly if your partner is persistent, stubborn, or unmanageable.

Communicating that you want to keep the relationship casual (and within the safety net of “fuck buddy”) is a delicate art. If done incorrectly, it could lead to a shift in the dynamic between you two. People are generally crazy as fuck. Make sure you communicate your intentions clearly to your partner.

If you don’t think your partner is ready to listen, you shouldn’t inform them that you’re just looking for a casual friend. It’s unnecessary to talk to a partner who only wants casual sex. You can continue casual fucking as you please.

Do not get too attached to your new sex partner.

Desperate and clingy individuals are not desirable. Surprisingly, the root of all clingy or needy behaviour is deep insecurity. It’s not about being insecure, even though we all experience it. But it’s about managing our insecurity. This is especially important in a relationship with a fuckfriend, because being clingy can lead to a breakup.

Your fuckfriend is not your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, or dog. They don’t even care about your day-to-day troubles or joys. Fuck friends don’t care if your dog dies or if your boss smells your fingers after he gets out of the shitter. Just like most people, they don’t care about you. Keep this in mind: Your fuck buddy should not be someone you complain to, vent to, or cling too much to because of your insecurities.

Avoid oversexting (or texting).

Overtexting can be a problem in any relationship. This is a problem that affects men the most. A man who texts too much is worse for a woman than someone who doesn’t care. If you are a confident, secure, and successful (sex-worthy) man, you should engage in activities other than constantly texting girls. One rule of thumb for guys: Keep your text messages to one, meaning that you don’t send her another text until she has texted back. It might take some time (or even a week), but it builds trust and shows you aren’t a needy or psychopathic douchebag with mommy issues. Avoid excessive texting with your friends.

Fuck friends—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

You can have a long-lasting and successful fuck buddy relationship by applying common sense and some of the tips in this guide. These are some additional tips to help you ensure things run smoothly and don’t go south.

Avoid meeting with the parents.

Although meeting your parents is not necessarily a sign of a negative relationship, it can be uncomfortable. Your fuck buddy won’t be interested in meeting your parents. If you find yourself in a situation with parents, or, as I prefer to call them, “rentals,” make sure to introduce your fuck friend as your friend. There’s nothing worse than explaining to your rental what a fuckfriend means to you. Unless they’re very easygoing, this is something you want to avoid.

When hooking up, always use a condom.

Almost everything you need is here. It’s 2015, and I’m here to help you win. AIDS is the most terrifying thing. There’s also lovely antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea. Condoms are essential if you want to avoid the many debilitating, fatal, and embarrassing STDs found in today’s world. Condoms are excellent for preventing unplanned pregnancies. It is permissible to use condoms with your partner if you have been tested and cleared, are using an alternative method of birth control (no pull-out), and are exclusively engaging in sexual activity with one another (no external genitals).

Plan ahead for unexpected parenting trips.

Unplanned pregnancies can cause real distress and make them difficult to manage. Effective birth control is essential, even if you don’t use condoms with your fuckfriend. The best thing for a girl is to use “the pill” or another form of hormone-based contraception. Although abortions are legal in most US states, they can be costly, stressful, and downright horrible. Plan while you’re fucking like rabbits.

The only problem is:

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